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SMS คอนโทรลเครื่องทำหมอก ระยะไกล

SMS คอนโทรลเครื่องทำหมอก ระยะไกล

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This smart GSM power socket is a remote controlled socket consisting of a GSM module. It is an intelligent power supply socket controlled by user's mobile phone. It can also be locally controlled by pressing button. With it, you don't have to worry about pets when you are on a trip or worry about the open windows in rainy days. With it, you can control the household electrical equipments at anytime and any where. You can turn on the cooker and the dinner might be ready when you back home. The GSM power socket is certainly a good life helper and a good gift for your friends.

Remotely operate by SMS command or operate by local controlled by pressing button.
Suitable for white collar and business people, turn on / off cooker on the way home, time-save.
Control household electric appliances, pet feeding on trip or windows close at out.
Power-cut memory function and convenient SMS power state checking, safe for emergency, easy for use.

Plug standard: Europe standard
Input: 220V AC
Output: 10A
Rated power: 2000W
SIM card port: 1
SIM card type: Global GSM standard SIM card (not support 3G and CDMA)
Color: White
Item size: 6.5 * 5.7 * 10.0cm / 2.6 * 2.2 * 3.9in (L * W * H)
Item weight: 150.0g / 5.3oz
Package size: 11.0 * 7.5 * 7.0cm / 4.3 * 3.0 * 2.8in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 179.0g / 6.3oz

User tips:
Buttons and indicators introduction:
SW button: Control switch state, the state overturned after press.
SET button: Press the SET button, you can manually set the controller number.
STA indicator: The current status indicator, if the device is connected, the light will be on, and if status is disconnected, the light goes out.
SIG indicator: GSM signal indicator, flash for four seconds to enter the GSM network.
1. Installed your SIM card before power on. Please don't install SIM card after power on.
2. Plug in the power connector. It will take a few time (about 20 seconds) for initialization. Related operations should be after the initialization . The socket is disconnected by fault.
3. Connecting the GSM net-work. Observe the SIG light on the panel. When the light turns to be 4 seconds a flash from 1 second a flash, the socket has been connected to GSM net-work.
4. Set password. GSM switch initial password is 0000. Send a short message in format as "SN + four old passwords + NEW + four new passwords" to the socket. If you successfully set a new password, you will receive a massage as "SN SETOK NEW SN IS + four new passwords". The password has a power-cut memory function.
5. Set master number (5 groups for the most). There are two ways to set master numbers: one is by SMS, one is by SET button.
For example, if users want to change passwords from "1234" to "13788889999", the users should send massage as "SN1234SET13788889999" to the socket. If the new passwords are set successfully, the users will receive a massage as"13788889999SETOK". In such condition, only the master number can control the socket and the number has power-cut memory function. Or users can press SET button. The STA light will quickly flash for 30 seconds. During the time, the users should call the socket phone number. The caller number will become the master number. In this condition, the socket will automatically hang up and the master number has power-cut memory function.
6. Control the socket by SMS / dial and ring / button.
SMS (CHANGE command, ON command, OFF command):
(1) CHANGE command: To change the socket status: SN + four passwords + CHANGE.
(2) ON command. To make the power connected: SN + four passwords + ON.
(3) OFF command. To make the power disconnected: SN + four password + OFF.
Dial and ring:
Call the socket phone number. When heard "The number you dialed is unavailable, beep..." the control has been done. If the socket is originally connected (disconnected) to power supply, it will be disconnected (connected) after the calling. The socket has power-cut memory function in this condition.
Press SW button to control the socket. If the socket is originally connected (disconnected) to power supply, it will be disconnected (connected) after the calling. The socket has power-cut memory function in this condition.
7. CHECK command to check  power on / power down state.
Send a massage "SN + four passwords + CHECK" (SN ****CHECK)
8. Power-cut memory function on / off.
After connect power supply, if the STA light flash twice, the power-cut memory function is on. If the STA light flash 4 times, the power-cut memory function is off. Long press SW button for 15 seconds can change the function state. The power-cut memory function is on by default.
9. Return to factory setting.
Simultaneously hold down SW button and SET button for 1 second. Then abserve the STA light. STA light flashing slowly for twice indicates the socket has been returned to factory setting (Master number is empty and passwords are "0000").

1. Installed your SIM card before power on, non-installed SIM card after power on.
2. This socket does not support 3G and CDMA card. Please activate new SIM card before insert it.
3. Do not place the GSM socket in tin trunk or metal-enclosed environment for it will cause GSM network connection failure or difficulty.
4. To control by dialing, the SIM card must has call display service.  The account balance must be adequate to ensure phone calls and short message can be received.
5. In some places where signal is weak, SMS may become insensitive. In such condition, when it is needed to set master number it is recommended to use SET button.
6. Do not press buttons when the socket is controlled by call or short massage for it may cause system instability.
7. The socket can be controlled only to turn on or turn off the power. It has no other functions. For some electrical products which do not has power cut memory function, for example some air-conditioning, they would not work immediately even the power is coming back on. For most of electrical products (such as most of TV, stereo box, etc) which has power cut memory function, they would work immediately.
8. The socket is only suitable for indoor use. Please protect it from dampness and moisture. Working power should be not over 2000W and the load power should be reduced by half. The rated voltage is from 110V to 220V. Please ensure electrical safety.

Package list:
1 * Smart GSM socket
1 * User manual (English)

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